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Furniture from Carl Hansen & Søn is designed and produced to last for generations. We choose the materials we use carefully, based on several important criteria such as strength and durability, lasting beauty, sustainability, the architects input as well as safety norms.

On the following pages you will get an introduction to the core materials that goes into the making of our furniture.

Being first and foremost a producer of wooden furniture you can read about the various solid wood types we use such as beech, oak, cherry, walnut, ash and mahogany under the section "wood".

Understand the differences between the three types of leather we use on our upholstered furniture; Sif, Thor and Loke under the section "Leather". And, you can gain more insight on the fabrics we work with as well as which option you have when it comes to choosing just the kind of fabric that suits your needs under the section "Fabric".

Read about the characteristic paper cord used in many of Hans J. Wegner's designs as well as the type of metal and upholstery foam we use in our furniture under the section "Other materials".

You will also be able to get a visual overview of the various wood types and surface treatments we work with, the various types and colors of leather we use, which fabrics we work with and in which price groups they are placed in.

An overview of the various colors we offer on selected furniture as well as which colors we offer for the CH24 Wishbone Chair only is also available here.


You can read more about the different materials that goes into the creation of furniture from Carl Hansen & Søn on the following pages:







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