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There is nothing "throw-away" about our furniture. The lasting beauty of the designs has been tested by the varying tastes of several generations. Their workmanship has stood the trials of everyday use since 1950. And they are still going strong.

Sustainable materials

At Carl Hansen & Søn, we first and foremost produce wooden furniture which is designed to last for generations. A natural part hereof is using materials of highest possible quality.


All wood used by Carl Hansen & Søn is hardwood purchased from responsible sawmills with whom we have long, established relationships. Due to the design and quality of our products, we only use new wood - never recycled wood.

We use oak, beech and ash mainly from Danish forests which are managed according to the Danish Forest Act (latest edition 2004). This law promotes sustainable forestry incorporating ecological, social and economic considerations. The law also stipulates that indigenous wood supplies must not only be sustainable, but, by law, also increase in a managed way. We also use walnut and American Cherry for selected models. These wood types are sourced from American forests.

Many of the chairs designed by Hans J. Wegner are made with paper cord. Paper cord is made of paper from sustainable Swedish forest. All paper cord is biodegradable and can be incinerated after use.

For our soap treated wooden furniture we use 100% natural soap based on pure vegetal oils. Our oil treated wooden furniture is treated with oils based on plants oils. These materials do not emit gases of any kind after they are applied.

Responsible production processes

At Carl Hansen & Søn we are highly dependent on our skilled employees which is why we take their wellbeing very seriously.


Our production facilities and processes meet or exceed all European and Danish health and safety requirements, which are among the most stringent in the world.

The physical working environment is pleasantly modern, with natural lighting and ergonomically corrects workstations for all. All production and administrative employees in Denmark are eligible to receive free, regular massage to prevent long-term injury that may be related to their work.

Danish energy consumption per capita and as compared to GNP is among the lowest in the world. This is due both to strict conservation practices governed by law (such as standards for insulating buildings), high energy prices and a generation of efforts to minimize energy costs and environmental impact.

Nonetheless, we continue to work to reduce the amount of energy used in production in many ways, for example:

  • Consistently investing in the most modern and energy-efficient equipment
  • Setting annual targets for reducing the amount of energy used to produce the average piece of furniture
  • Reducing energy waste wherever possible, such as automatically reducing the temperature levels in production and administrative areas when not in use.
  • Scrap wood from our production is burned in approved incinerators which generate district heating for homes.
  • Shipping cartons are made to protect the furniture using as few materials as possible
  • Airfreight is kept to a minimum

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