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Morten Gøttler

Morten Gøttler, born in 1944, is a renowned Danish furniture designer MDD, with a true feeling for wood. He opened his own design studio in 1972 with an approach to furniture design deeply rooted in the modern Scandinavian design tradition.

Designer bio

Danish architect Morten Gøttler was originally trained in shipping but became a self-taught designer recognized for his exceptional understanding of wood.

Since opening his own design studio in 1972, Gøttler has worked with a wide range of designs - from packaging to toys to lighting - for Danish and international companies.

In 1984 he decided to focus primarily on furniture design.

Morten Gøttler's approach is rooted in the modern Scandinavian design tradition. He focuses on a clean, easy aesthetic that is simultaneously characterized by exquisite comfort, a close attention to detail, and high quality materials.

In 1997 he designed a light, flexible folding lounge chair, The Cuba Chair. The chair is a great example of contemporary design and displays strong links to previous masters. The chair is built upon a solid oak wood frame, with durable cotton girths woven around the foldable frame creating a comfortable seat and back and providing excellent support as they gently follow the body's contours.


Experience the Cuba Chair by Morten Gøttler

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