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Seeking to develop a straightforward, universal solution to the challenge of everyday storage, Mogens Koch designed a bookcase system ingenious in its versatility, strength and elegant simplicity.

Designed by Mogens Koch.


The flexible MK Bookcase System consists of eight different modular units that can be used individually or combined as desired. In it, Koch envisioned a concept so clear in its form and function that it could become quintessential: the Bookcase System for modern homes.

Begun in 1928 and completed in 1932, Koch's solution remains in demand many decades later and has spawned countless reproductions far beyond Denmark's borders - a testament to the timelessness of his thoughtful vision.

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The designer

Mogens Koch

Mogens Koch, who is especially known for his furniture classics such as the bookcase system and the Folding programme, worked with Kaare Klint in 1925-30, and was professor at Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole in Copenhagen in 1950-68.

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