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A comfortable and beautiful clean-cut dining chair, the design of which clearly shows how Wegner was inspired by Shaker craftsmanship.

Designed by Hans J. Wegner.


Hans J. Wegner's clean-cut CH36 dining chair is as comfortable to sit in as it is beautiful to behold.

Simple, functional, and thoughtfully made, this 1962 Wegner design demonstrates the influence of Shaker furniture principles and craftsmanship on Wegner's aesthetic.  

Of course, the master of chair design infused the CH36 dining chair with his own subtle touches. The legs taper off slightly toward the floor, creating a light, elegant appearance. The top of the curved back is more rounded than the bottom, enhancing back support. The frame and beautifully hand-woven paper cord seat, while appearing delicate, are sturdily constructed to comfortably seat generations. 

Originally designed together with Wegner's CH327 dining table, the CH36 and CH37 (with armrests) dining chairs are frequently used for public meeting areas, restaurants and private homes. 

The designer

Hans J. Wegner

Danish architect Hans J. Wegner is considered a pioneering furniture designer of the twentieth century.

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