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Danish multidisciplinary artist Naja Utzon Popov has developed a graphic rug collection exclusively for Carl Hansen & Søn.


The Woodlines Rug Collection draws inspiration from nature and a study of wood and its attributes. Naja Utzon Popov has zoomed in on countless lengths of wood, magnifying the unique characteristics that contain a wealth of details and express the wood's character. The outcome - a familiar wood pattern presented on another material - creates a new expression with clear links to the source.

The rugs stand out as elegant, fine-crafted works that add to a room's personality. Hand-knotted from wool, they feature long pile with a soft and luxurious feel. The rugs' tight weave makes them easy to clean and ensures that the pile remains straight and the pattern intact, even with heavy use.

The collection consists of five unique designs in black, white and charcoal, and is available in three different sizes: 80x220 cm, 170x240 cm & 200x300 cm.

The designer

Naja Utzon Popov

Danish sculptor, textile designer and ceramicist Naja Utzon Popov was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1973 into a family of artists.

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