Carl Hansen & Søn


2018 Catalog Carl Hansen & Søn

Timeless beauty, comfort, craftsmanship, and sustainability are so deeply ingrained in all our furniture works that only sight and touch are required to understand and fall in love with them.
Please enjoy our 2018 Catalog.  

2018 Catalog Carl Hansen & Søn

When you choose a Carl Hansen & Søn product, you gain more than just a piece of furniture. You become part of a proud tradition of distinctive and beautiful craftsmanship, where nothing has been left to chance. Where all furniture is manufactured with great love for design and the history of the crafting process. Where each piece passes through numerous expert hands before taking pride of place in your chosen space, recounting a story of masterful design in quality wood from sustainable forrests.

We hope you enjoy these stories and find iconic design favorites to complete your space.

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