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Designed in 1951, Ole Wanscher's OW124 Beak chair is a defining balance of classic and modern. Carl Hansen & Søn is delighted to add this rare lounge chair design to our collections from this September.


Ole Wanscher famously viewed furniture design as a branch of architecture, with proportion and shape as the cornerstones of his philosophy. Just as architects often build on classic foundations to evolve a modern structure, Wanscher was often inspired by very traditional styles, particularly English furniture from the 1700s, and used this a starting point to create an extremely precise, resilient and modern design.

The Beak chair is an expressive, sculptural lounge chair and gets its name from the distinctive armrests, which seem to shoot out from the main frame. It is also an exquisite example of the relationship between material and form; soft curved elements that seamlessly join together and flow to all directions.

Carl Hansen & Søn CEO Knud Erik Hansen explains: "The chair epitomizes Wanscher's desire and ability to explore materials and shapes. The seemingly floating armrests are designed with such precision and elegance that they appear as natural extensions of the rest of the structure."

The Beak chair was designed in 1951, during what is today considered Wanscher's golden era. It was during that time that Wanscher created some of his most influential pieces, guided by a "design for all" philosophy with a respect for natural materials and a central focus on reinterpreting classic shapes to suit the functional needs of modern times.

As with all his designs, Wanscher employed the highest levels of craftsmanship for the Beak chair. The frame features seamless joints to showcase this exquisite execution, with the soft curves forming the chair's shape seemingly without transition. Befitting the name, the unique, beak-like armrests reference a bird's beak while the armrests' sides feature visible cover caps, almost like a bird's eye.

With its slender lines and minimalist silhouette, the Beak chair remains as relevant today as it was when it was showcased at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild Furniture Exhibition during the year it was introduced. Its universal appeal and timeless aesthetic seals the OW124 as a life-long part of the home.

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