Carl Hansen & Søn



NEWS 2018: Carl Hansen & Søn is presenting Børge Mogensen's elegant Hunting Table, adding the renowned furniture designer to its portfolio of major Danish designers.


Børge Mogensen is known as one of the great and influential furniture designers from the period known today as the Golden Age of Danish Design. As a student of Kaare Klint, one of the most important standard-bearers for Danish functionalism, Mogensen picked up the baton for the expression of functionalist style. One of the many examples of Mogensen's practical approach to design is his Hunting Table from 1950: a design that exemplifies Mogensen's era while remaining relevant and contemporary today.

Originally designed for a masculine environment such as a hunting cabin, Børge Mogensen's Hunting Table radiates an inviting, organic elegance. The Hunting Table, with model number BM1160, is available in oak, walnut, and a combination of these wood types, with various finishes. The diagonal brace bars are available in either stainless steel or brass.

Børge Mogensen's Hunting Table will be available in stores from June 2018.

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