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NEWS 2018: In 1930, Kaare Klint designed a sofa for the office of Danish Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning. Carl Hansen & Søn is now reviving the elegant design.


Carl Hansen & Søn is adding yet another design classic by Kaare Klint, the father of Danish furniture design, to its collection of Danish furniture icons. Featuring high sides and characteristic crossbars, the upholstered coupé sofa is a stylish testament to the vision of one of Denmark's most important designers.

Kaare Klint's sofa, which was originally conceived for three people, and which has since been supplemented with a two-seater version, is exclusive in terms of both its design and materials: fine wood and exquisite leather upholstery. The tight upholstery and the sculptural frame demand exacting craftsmanship, which, in true Klint spirit, is detailed and uncompromising.

The Kaare Klint sofa is available as two-seater sofa, model number KK41180, and a three-seater sofa, model number KK41181 in oak, walnut, or black-painted oak, with upholstery in leather and goat skin.

The sofas will be in stores from May 2018.

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